Beacon Bonds

About the Beacon Bond offering from Lighthouse Life Capital, LLC

Beacon Bonds

About the Beacon Bond offering from Lighthouse Life Capital, LLC

What is a Life Settlement?

A policyowner’s sale of their life insurance policy for its market value. Instead of lapsing or surrendering the policy back to the insurance company for little or nothing, a life settlement can generate resources to help seniors navigate the financial challenges of living in retirement.

“Life settlements continue to attract investor interest as an alternative asset class in 2019 and into 2020. Looking ahead, investor interest is likely to translate into steady growth in new life settlements. That growth also reflects the combination of demographics and heightened consumer awareness.”

– A Market Takes Off, Conning, October 1, 2019.

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The Lighthouse Life Advantage

Lighthouse Life, through its subsidiaries, sources and purchases life insurance policies in the life settlement market, generating value for the policyowners who sell their policies and investment opportunities for the purchasers of those policies.

We generate leads in two ways:

Working Directly with Financial Professionals

Financial professionals, including insurance producers and financial advisors, refer policyowners directly to us for a fixed referral fee on the policies we acquire. Working directly with financial professionals streamlines the process, reducing the time and costs to acquire policies.

Directly from Policyowners

We engage in a full range of direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising, including television and radio, direct mail, paid digital, social media, and print media.

We generate revenue in
three ways:

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Fees paid by third party purchasers for sourcing and purchasing life insurance policies

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Profit sharing with a third party purchaser for sourcing and purchasing life insurance policies

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Fees from a third party purchaser for life insurance policies sourced and purchased by Lighthouse Life and its subsidiaries

We plan to purchase policies we originate and will generate revenue when we sell those policies to third-party purchasers and from death benefits received upon the maturity of those policies we own.

An investment in the Bonds of Lighthouse Life Capital, LLC is considered speculative. There are no guarantees of distributions or returns, and an investor may lose all or part of their investment. There are various risks related to an investment in the Bonds which are described in the respective investor offering circular.

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Securities offered through International Assets Advisory LLC – Member FINRA/SIPC.