Letter from the CEO

Clock December 06, 2021


Lighthouse Life Letter from the CEO 2021

Michael Freedman
Chief Executive Officer
Lighthouse Life


To Lighthouse Life’s Investment and Financial Partners:

This letter is the first “Letter from the CEO” to our investment and financial partners, who in 2021 have contributed greatly to making 2021 the best year ever for Lighthouse Life.

Our sincere gratitude, first and foremost, to the investors in Lighthouse Life who have joined our Company’s mission to deliver needed retirement income for seniors – and investment returns for themselves! (“Doing well by doing good!”) We appreciate their support as we execute on OUR mission.

To the financial and investment advisors and firms who have supported us in 2021 – Thank You. You have had to work especially hard in this rapidly changing and challenging time so that your clients can reach their investment goals. We appreciate that you took time to learn about us, to dive deep into our background and business, and to entrust us to help support YOUR mission.

Together, we have made 2021 a success, and we have much to look forward to in the new year. Again, thank you.

Lighthouse Life’s business focus is clear: we generate revenue by originating and acquiring life insurance policies for the benefit of third-party investors in those policies. This year was filled with key accomplishments that validate our vision and plan for the Company.

We, of course, launched the Beacon Bonds at the start of the year, which fueled much of the execution of our strategy and reasons for optimism ahead. We increased the number of settlement licenses we hold and now operate where 94% of the US population lives. We added 25 new financial services firms who submitted policies to Lighthouse Life for a potential life settlement. Also, several new institutional funds started to acquire policies from Lighthouse Life in 2021.

We reviewed greater than 4x more policies and increased revenue by 52 percent from the last fiscal year.

In 2021, Lighthouse Life was exceptionally fortunate that Jennifer Felice Breen joined as Chief Financial Officer in January and Les Logsdon joined as Chief Investment Officer in May. They both complete and complement our executive team. Our Company is loaded with talent and a terrific mix of both seasoned and new professionals to the life settlement market. Many of our 18 employees have the opportunity to speak with the seniors whose policies we purchase, and they hear their stories. They hear how Lighthouse Life – with your help – is making a positive impact in so many lives.

Our biggest highlight of the year was the launch of our national TV campaign – “Settle for A Better Life” – on September 7. The TV ad, which is part of our multi-channel advertising strategy, represents the achievement of a key element of our growth strategy in the first year of the Beacon Bonds. It was a monumental task to produce and air a brand-new commercial during the height of the pandemic.

To date, we have had more than 3,000 people call us or submit their information via our website in response to the ads and our total pipeline has more than doubled the number of life insurance policies that are actively under consideration for acquisition and resale.

As our TV and Internet advertising grows – as more people see the ads more times – we believe Lighthouse Life will become the fastest-growing life settlement company in the nation.

While there are many reasons for both gratitude and optimism, there remains work ahead for the Company in 2022 (and, of course, beyond). We will continue to work to honor our commitment to our investors by remaining focused on our mission. The TV ad will continue to increase the number of policies we can acquire, and we are actively working on new business opportunities to sell more policies to more investors in early 2022.

We are also executing a key component of our growth strategy by initiating several “buy and flip” transactions with third-party investors, which are expected to be completed in Q1.

Every day, there are more seniors for whom selling their policy makes sense and improves their financial future. There is a greater understanding of life settlements than ever before, including with financial advisors who understand they are acting in their client’s best interest when they recommend a life settlement. Lighthouse is poised to meet this growing demand for life settlements and will continue to share our progress throughout the coming year.

Once again, thank you. On behalf of all of us at Lighthouse Life, we hope each of you has a healthy and happy holiday season.