Lighthouse Life Launches National Life Settlement TV Campaign: Stimulates Significant Asset Pipeline Growth

Clock November 11, 2021


Lighthouse Life Capital, LLC, the sponsor of the Lighthouse Life Beacon Bonds, reported that its pipeline of life insurance policies under consideration for purchase has grown 170% since the launch of the “Settle for a Better Life” national television ad campaign by its subsidiary, Lighthouse Life Direct, LLC. The pipeline includes leads received from the TV campaign as well as those that have qualified for further review and action.

The TV commercial is part of Lighthouse Life’s strategy to advertise about the potential for seniors to sell their life insurance policies for significantly more than they would receive from the insurance company if they lapse or surrender those policies. The Company acquires these policies and re-sells them to the growing number of investors in non-correlated assets.

Since launching on September 7, 2021:

  • The TV spot has been viewed over 137 million times on major networks and cable television channels as well as streaming services and other platforms.
  • Over 1,900 seniors have submitted their policies to Lighthouse Life Direct, totaling more than $420 million in death benefits.
  • Over 330 policies with more than $78 million in death benefits are being actively processed for purchase now or being nurtured for potential purchase in the next few years.

Currently, 56 policies with more than $56 million in death benefits are either awaiting offers from third-party investors or Lighthouse has already extended an offer to the policyowner, including those policies received from the television campaign and the Company’s relationships with financial professionals. A majority of assets at this stage of the pipeline result in a completed life settlement.

“Expanding our direct-to-consumer advertising to national television is already proving to be a game-changer for Lighthouse Life,” said Chief Executive Officer, Michael Freedman. “The TV campaign is exceeding expectations. We are continuing and accelerating the growth of our company, driven by the success of our B2C and B2B marketing and advertising strategies.”

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